starwrangler asked:

Would it be fair enough to say that if travel was possible to get to whatever destination in question (by boat, land, whatever) then you can pretty much be sure that the population included people from many different places? (love your blog btw, I dig the work you're doing c: )

medievalpoc answered:

Well, here’s the thing. The basic premise of this whole deal is that what is or isn’t assumed to be “historically accurate” is used to exclude people of color from participating or being represented in historical and fantasy media of all kinds. Which is why the question from yesterday about white people being in Asia or Africa in “ancient times” is loaded. Because you cannot pretend that this works both ways equally.

What I am doing is trying to show that the same idea, being “historically accurate”, can be used to include people of color. Sadly, there is so much pressure to exclude, that people really feel the need to justify the presence of say, characters of color in a film, or a book, with some kind of historical facts and figures. Even when it’s ridiculously, almost comically, irrelevant-for example, people who seem to think that the history of Denmark has something to do with representation of characters of color in the Disney film Frozen.

What I hope is that by taking care of this end of things, creative types will have free rein to imagine whatever they want, to create what they envision without having to be bludgeoned with “not historically accurate!!!!” every time they turn around, whether or not it’s relevant to their creation.

The bottom line is, what we NEED is more films like Hercules, and fewer films like Exodus. What we see will trump what we KNOW every time-almost everyone knows and understand what The Silk Road was, yet the obvious facts that people traveled on it doesn’t come into play when someone starts insisting that “there were NO people of color in Medieval Europe!!!” Or Ancient Egypt. Or Classical Greece.

Because what we have here:


is a direct result of depictions like THIS:


more than anything historically accurate.